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Be the One with Ryan Sheehy Transformative Principal 233

Social media: Work doesn’t always have to be done in the traditional space.

Ryan Sheehy is an educator, speaker, author and Elementary Principal @HighlandsMDUSD, Professor at @stmarysca Lifelong Learner, Father, Husband, Author of Be The One For Kids.

  • Following a principal that was not well received.
  • Kids are running to us, not running away.
  • I’m a culture guy, so I was excited for the opportunity.
  • I look at everything as an opportunity.
  • I’m a principal of action.
  • Excited to build a culture around the idea of being in classrooms.
  • There’s no reason for me to be stuck in my office.
  • Work doesn’t always have to be done in the traditional space.
  • Being in the classroom allows me to have those conversations.
  • Locked down in meetings before and after school when teachers are available.
  • Too often we think the problem is with the kids.
  • Getting bogged down by teachers slow to change.
  • Be the one for kids: Stories about Ryan’s educational experiences.
  • Be the one who changes the dream. It’s ok to change the dream, but keep dreaming.
  • How do you help kids understand that it is ok to have a different dream?
  • Are your habits of today on par with your dreams of tomorrow?
  • Kids can achieve anything. Set up your habits today to achieve your dream.
  • It’s about the relationships.
  • How to deal with so many different challenges that we face.
  • The power of a strong PLN. We’re never standing stagnant. We want to always be improving.
  • If education isn’t fun, who would want to be a teacher or a principal?
  • How do you build powerful relationships?
  • We talked about everything but school. Really getting to know each other.
  • Taking the time to go off course.
  • Put yourself in the problem areas so you can get to know the kids.
  • You’ve got to take time to build relationships.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Get yourself out there and sit down with each person on your campus and make sure they know you believe in them by trusting them and encouraging them!


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