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Sandra is a great principal at Sandy Elementary. She has received numerous awards in her 7 years as an administrator:

  • Community Leader of the Year 
  • Rookie of the Year 
  • Distinguished Principal of the Year 
  • CITES Recognition 
  • National Board Certified Teacher

And, she is pretty much always being praised and recognized by her peers. I am fortunate to be able to work with her.

Here is Sandy’s web site and Twitter.

Big Goals: Wants to make people feel like they are at home-that her school is a family. Wants to be with the children as much as possible. Wants to provide a holistic education, especially to her disadvantaged students.

It is interesting to hear that she strives to really know her students, but is ok with not knowing every student’s name. I find this fascinating. In the last episode, Dr. Villar was very focused on knowing every student’s name. I don’t know that either way is the best method, but I do believe that their intent is the same. They both want their students to know that they are cared for and feel safe. That is what matters.

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