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Rachel Yanof started the Phoenix Collegiate Academy with the express intent to get all the students to college. I hope you enjoy this interview, as I sure did.

  • Set a huge goal so failure was not an option.
  • The huge goal supported the day-to-day decisions.
  • Pushed ourselves to see if we are on track.
  • AP classes as freshman.
  • Small School - individualized and small group instruction.
  • Only inviting kids to Saturday school and after school who needed the specific skills.
  • More time - 1 hour in school longer - if used well, can be a huge benefit for the students.
  • NWEA MAP Assessment - research into college preparedness.
  • 75th percentile is the goal.
  • Saturday school - get as specific as possible while still managing numbers.
  • Does cost extra money - spend the resources to make the maximum impact on our students.
  • We know we need to offer X, we have the means to offer Y.
  • Governing board sponsors teacher appreciation each month.
  • Finding other ways to show teachers you appreciate them.
  • Videos of kids thanking their teachers.
  • Pay-for-performance fund
  • Is this scalable?
  • Haven’t figured out the challenge of hiring on mission in a larger setting.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Find that thing that you’re willing to live and die for and then tell everyone!

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