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Making sure the Brand Experience Matches the Brand Promise with Tony Sinanis Transformative Principal 020


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  • Why are we going to let other people tell our story?

  • What they believe in.

  • Every choice they make is thoughtful.

  • How Tony shares his story daily.

  • Storify - An example of how Tony uses Storify.

  • Cantiague Hashtag

  • Video updates

  • Touchcast app

  • How he shifted brand management from him to the staff and the kids

  • How to make sure the brand experience matches the brand promise. For example, here is an exchange between Tony and someone who knows what his school’s brand promise is:

  • Transparency has changed the relationship between the school and community.

  • PTA meetings have taken a new direction since they are so open.

  • Build it from the inside.

  • Faculty Enhancement opportunities instead of faculty meetings

  • How to be a transformative principal like Tony.
    1. It’s not about you!
    2. Stay current on research.
    3. Don’t take yourself too seriously, but take the work you do seriously.
  • What he has in his office to keep him focused on how to be the best principal he can be.

  • Jericho Schools

You have to make sure the brand experience matches brand promise As the principal, you need to be learning the most.

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