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In part two of my interview with Jordan Collier, we dive into his plan for observations. Really informative stuff, and a good plan for any administrator.

  • Observations - daily schedule.
  • Jordan focuses on helping teachers when doing observations.
  • Attempting to alleviate fears of observations by building relationships.
  • How to facilitate a role-play to help teachers see what it is like to do an observation.
  • How a two-minute conversation can change a teacher’s practice.
  • The importance of set meeting times with teachers to talk about what they are doing.
  • The schedule process.
  • The greatest compliment in the world, “You’re never in your office.”
  • Trying to get kids to think you are following them because you are in their classes so often.
  • You have arrived when you are being invited to teachers’ classrooms.
  • How to have the positive conversation and still focus on improvement.
  • Dealing with uncomfortable situations.
  • Freaky Friday folder.
  • Staff Culture Check! Sign up fo
  • Leverage Leadership
  • Looking for consistency for staff culture check.
  • Friday newsletter.
  • What you can do to be a transformative principal like Jordan: Be obnoxiously positive about your school.


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