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Transformative Principal is 

Nov 24, 2019

Katie Novak, Ed.D. is an internationally renowned education consultant as well as a practicing leader in education as an Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Massachusetts. With 15 years of experience in teaching and administration, an earned doctorate in curriculum and teaching, and 3 books published by CAST...

Nov 17, 2019

In this Jolt episode, Sarah Johnson shares about the transformative power of practicing gratitude for ourselves as well a those around us. She shares research alignment, stories, and illustrates points from stories features during the month of November on the In AWE Podcast. 

Check out the The In AWE Podcast or In AWE...

Nov 10, 2019


TJ Vari and Joe Jones are practicing Superintendents and coauthors of the book “Candid and Compassionate Feedback“.

  • Result of fear of offending people is that it becomes offensive anyway.
  • Ask questions to get them to see what they need to improve.
  • The lack of candor can be what people are offended by.
  • The candor...

Nov 3, 2019

Keara Mascareñaz Managing Partner, Organizational Design at Education Elements. She helps schools and districts focuses build and scale a culture of innovation through leadership development, team habits, and human-centered organizational design.

  • Learning, meeting, projects
  • How do you create the environment of...