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Transformative Principal is 

Jul 5, 2020

Amber Dembowski (Twitter) is a principal of two elementary buildings and founder of emBOSSed Leadership.

Mindful leadership embedded within instructional leadership.

Amber’s podcast

  • Worked in many different facets of education - from para professional to teacher to instructional coach to university to principal.
  • Bringing staff together for professional learning opportunities
  • Article

1. Focusing too much on student outcomes

2. Staying out of teachers’ way

  • 4 types of teachers: notables (top 20%), classics (40% of teachers, need development), interim amateurs (20% of teachers, not living up to potential right now because of…), sideliners (<20%).
  • Are you happy at work? Do you feel successful at work? I notice statements. Don’t let them consume your time.
  • Can work through these throughout the day and circumstances.

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