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Kip Motta is a principal in Rich Utah.

  • You have to deal with people.
  • Everything is about relationships.
  • Doing what’s best for the team.
  • Everyone is different, and you need to adapt your leadership to that person.
  • A history of four-day school weeks.
  • Change based on school district transportation costs.
  • Waiver to reduce day requirement (152 vs 182) and still meet 990 hour requirement (now meet over 1000 hours)
  • Start school at 8 am, out at 3:30.
  • Parent teacher conferences count as
  • Very few breaks - Labor Day, thanksgiving, Christmas for 1 week.
  • Student and staff attendance increased.
  • Ask staff and community to do personal appointments on Fridays
  • 4 day school week is much more difficult for elementary school.
  • Helped us go down the road of standards-based instruction.
  • Struggles with 4 day school week
  • Finding coaches is difficult
  • Daycare for Friday’s with no school.
  • You have to do everything through the lens of what is best for the most children.
  • Kids are more recharged after a 3-day weekend every week!
  • March and April can be long months with no break.
  • Restorative practices, mindfulness to help kids cope with added pressure.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Find someplace to go and learn!
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