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I am super excited whenever I get to talk with Will Parker, and today is no different.

Today we are tackling three questions that principal listeners have shared with us from our podcasts, covering these topics:


  1. What to do if or when your teachers give you the cold shoulder about learning something new. 

  2. How to manage student dynamics in competency-based instruction. 

  3. Ways to measuring student growth in Social Emotional Learning settings.


Listen-in for the complete conversation.


Questions for Jethro and Will:


1. My teachers give me the cold shoulder when I try to introduce them to new ways of teaching. What should I do?


  • Jethro and I discuss the following:

  • Modeling for teachers

  • Observation of other teachers

  • What is he/she doing well already? Praise first, then instruct.

  • Lead with the question, “Where do you want to grow?”

  • Creating an enviornment where teachers ask for help

  • Celebrating innovative teaching

  • Learning to say yes before saying no


2. How do you make sure that students who struggle don't feel embarrassed or ashamed that they aren't working with their peers? When competency-based, what happens?...


We discuss this question with suggestions about:

  • Defining expecations so that students measure against standards, not other students

  • They are already in different places! Your expectations matter in their perceptions...

  • Help them identify where they are good. And celebrate!

  • It’s not about competition with peers, but competition with themselves. 


3. How can Social Emotional Learning success be measured?


We respond with the following:

Discover the importantce of self-reflection. It’s okay to embrace different standards for everyone. 

Resilient students don’t really need more resiliency training. They need something else. 

A student with trauma needs different things than a student without. 

Creat an environment where you want your own chidren

You can measure the indicators like discipline, attendance and graduation/completion rates 

We share examples of SEL through FOMO -- karaoke cafeteria -- from Principal Kim Coody’s High School in Okahoma and Amy Fast’s emotional learning practices in Oregon

Recource recommended: Barb Sorrels -




Now It’s Your Turn

What is one new method or strategy you could model for your teachers or team? How can you instll in others the freedom to believe it’s okay to try and fail and in learning? And how can you celebrate the wins along the way?


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