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Oct 29, 2017

Dr. Drew Williams started teaching in Las Vegas and ended up as the principal of Tuacahn High School in Southern Utah, where he shares a facility with Tuacahn Center for the Arts

  • First High School charter in the state of Utah - focused on the performing arts.
  • Working to partner more with the Center for the Arts.
  • Talking times - actors and actresses talking about their experience become actors and actresses.
  • Professional actors asking, “How can we connect and teach classes?
  • Compliance vs. deeper learning.
  • Idea of moving past compliance and on task
  • Idea of being joyful and passionate.
  • When doing auditions can bring working professionals in to participate as well.
  • Teachers are working outside of the classroom on their own careers to
  • Collaborative Design, candid feedback, original work.
  • Trevor McKinsey - Dive into inquiry
  • Math exists in Art, dance, etc.
  • Middle is messy, but it is where the magic happens.
  • Everything is not defined.
  • Don’t give out rules and such. Ask kids what they are curious about.
  • Be mean until December doesn’t really cut it anymore.
  • Belief that education does need to change.
  • Kids are excited to be here.

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