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Transformative Principal is 

Jun 1, 2014


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Best Tools for Busy Administrators Survey

  • How to manage time on social media with being a principal, doctoral student, etc. How to connect with others.
  • It is about connections that is most beneficial.
  • Connecting with Bill Ferriter and John Pederson
  • It isn’t about the tech itself, it is about the real.
  • Technology just helps you connect with others.
  • What Curt is most proud of that is happening at his school right now.
  • Remodeling his school thanks to a funding referendum his community.
  • Student-produced newscast. (Led by Crystal Brunelle)
  • His school’s Facebook page
  • Going out in the school and snapping pictures.
  • International Happy Day “Wouldn’t this be cool to do?” - said a teacher at his school.
  • People make stuff up on the Internet
  • Humility - Curt is constantly deferring praise to others and deflecting praise and comments to his staff and other people around him.
  • Strengths-Based Leadership Great book!
  • Great leaders need to be excellent listeners.
  • How Curt grew to learn about himself. Evaluating others.
  • Giving feedback that is based on what is seen in other classrooms, rather than, “When I was a teacher…”
  • We have to notice others around us.
  • Spend time to get to know people. Make sure you’re winning hearts and minds before you try to do anything.
  • We aren’t a bunch of independent contractor.
  • Techlandia podcast. And on Twitter - If you listen to this on Sunday, you’ll find something that you can put to use on Monday.
  • How to be a Transformative Principal: Be well read.
  • What motivates him: Nice notes from teachers, parents, students.
  • “You are responsible for the energy you bring into this space.”

Shoutouts: Bill Ferriter Solution tree Crystal brunelle