Transformative Principal
Discover the secrets of school leadership in this weekly interview podcast with top leaders in education.


TJ Vari and Joe Jones are practicing Superintendents and coauthors of the book “Candid and Compassionate Feedback“.

  • Result of fear of offending people is that it becomes offensive anyway.
  • Ask questions to get them to see what they need to improve.
  • The lack of candor can be what people are offended by.
  • The candor is actually what is compassionate! TJ
  • Turning the corner so your empathy is backed with concrete evidence backed with what to do better.
  • Consistency is key.
  • People are given that advice when they go into schools.
  • Direct, sincere, accurate feedback.
  • Identified the problem.
  • Gave evidence.
  • Provided a solution.
  • Being clear does work.
  • Learning walks are like formative assessments.
  • Are the teachers using the “Goal” in their classroom?
  • As teachers are teaching they’re often not aware of what they’re doing. Joe
  • No way will a teacher ever grow through the formal observation process.
  • We really should be getting into the mindset work among the staff.
  • How to be a transformative principal? TJ: spend your time in the most important spaces in your school
    Joe: Disrupt your day. Speak to someone tomorrow that you haven’t spoken with this year.
  • Bonus question: how to keep principals in the building?