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Transformative Principal is 

Apr 11, 2018

Melissa Emler is the Director of Community at Modern Learning

  • Online media company to help schools change and be better. Really powerful conversations are happening regularly.

  • The Testing Emperor Finally has no Clothes


  • All of the onus for learning is placed on the teacher.

  • It is the responsibility of teachers to create the conditions for learning to happen.

  • Communication beats compliance, every time.

  • Learning happens through feedback and questioning.

  • It is the student to communicate questions and understanding.

  • Going gradeless or standards based grading doesn’t really communicate learning.

  • We haven’t really had a conversation about what we mean by “learning”.

  • Seymour Sarason’s “What do you mean by learning?“

  • People are learning when they want to learn more.

  • It requires co-creating the curriculum

  • Our practices do not match our beliefs.

  • The amount of time we spend thinking, talking, planning for standardized tests.

  • Giving prizes for testing= :(

  • Beliefs must drive assessment.

  • Challenge assumptions, biases and orthodoxies that influence assessment practice.

  • Communication beats compliance, every time.

  • Explore status quo-busting assessment solutions to provide more authentic and real-world choices.

  • Let students learn about how they learn.

  • Measure what matters.

  • Invest in TRUST.

  • So important to trust teachers to create the conditions for learning to happen.

  • If we get to a common set of beliefs then we don’t need to pressure teachers to do well on a test.

  • Standards and tests change based on political issues.

  • how to be a transformative leader? Be strong in your individual beliefs.

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