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Jun 19, 2016

Scott Beebe is the founder of My Business on Purpose where he teaches business leaders to be be successful. He also teaches families how to create a family vision mission and value at Create a Family Vision.

  • Being a pastor is like being a leader anywhere else.
  • We want to change their hearts.
  • What are those things?
  • Vision Story - Vision statement is pretty pointless. Vision story is what is exciting.
  • It’s ok for people to not be into the vision.
  • Hiring. Need to give them the vision. Not hiring on a whim.
  • Shareholder letter from Jeff Bezos
  • Mission Statement - Not some catchy thing that sounds good.
  • Highlight key action words in vision story. The mission statement is what drives you to get out of bed. It is the vision story in summary.
  • Unique to who you are.
  • 15 words max, memorizable.
  • What is unique about your school? Use that to your advantage.
  • What do we want our family to look like in 5–10 years? That will affect what our school looks like.
  • What do we want our students to look like 28 years from now?
  • “We exist to…” Mission statement
  • “I see…” Vision story

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