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Communicating to Create Happy Families with Jennifer Larson Transformative Principal 290

Social media: If you have a good communication system and everyone is engaged, there’s a positive buzz to the school.

Jennifer Larson is he co-founder and CEO of Hive Digital Minds, which provides parent-school communication solutions through

  • Completely overwhelmed
  • Couldn’t keep up.
  • Shift towards personalized learning means there are a lot of different adults supporting a student.
  • “I don’t even read the newsletter anymore.”
  • Parents want to know what the two or three places for information.
  • Grades communication is an important part of it as well.
  • School website is a great marketing tool to recruit students, teachers, and families to your school.
  • Figure out what information you want to share with the public and put that on the web site.
  • Find tools that work well for your enrolled families.
  • Build a communication strategy that gets information to the families quickly and efficiently.
  • Do a communication audit to see what you are currently using.
  • Which have information that parents might want access to.
  • Need to implement a multi-year strategy.
  • Talk to your parents.
  • When schools jump into parent engagement, they are probably meeting the needs of those who were already having their needs met.
  • Challenges around native languages spoken.
  • Focus on mobile.
  • Recognize that not all parents can be there physically at the school.
  • Parent engagement is about making sure the families understand the value of education.
  • Volunteer hours.
  • Parents want to be engaged but they don’t know how.
  • If you have a good communication system and everyone is engaged, there’s a positive buzz to the school.
  • If you have happy families at your school, there is no other better testimonial.
  • How to be a transformative principal? It all comes down to communication. Connect with each of your staff members and parents.

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