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Transformative Principal is 

Jun 2, 2019


Brittni Schroeder is the founder of Compassion Clubs, dedicated to the memory of her late son who passed away tragically at the age of 14.

  • Started with a scholarship fund for students.
  • Received hundreds of cards and letters from people who cared about Gage.
  • The “Can Man”
  • People wanted to be with our family.
  • “We only suffer when we think about ourselves.” - Tony Robbins
  • We have to serve. That’s how we heal.
  • Gave kids pizzas and told them to sit with kids who didn’t have anyone sitting with them.
  • Elementary and secondary curriculum.
  • Secondary the kids lead it.
  • Elementary is teacher/counselor/parent run.
  • If they don’t know how to serve and think outside of themselves they are going to have a rough adult life.
  • 12 different values: compassion, kindness, gratitude, charity, courage, etc.
  • Teach about the value, share a story, then serve.
  • Teenagers don’t seem to have coping skills.
  • Nominate kids for scholarships and grants.
  • My son’s legacy is compassion.
  • Most successful club in Michigan.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Look for those kids that need to belong.