Transformative Principal
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Dr. Grayson Maas is the Director of Communications for the Art of Problem Solving, a unique solution to teaching math anytime, anywhere.

  • Motivated students in grades 2–12.
  • We are the place students come to to learn math that they aren’t going to learn in school.
  • Instill motivation in kids to want to do math.
  • By and large math is traditionally taught with an emphasis on procedures, memorizing, and pattern matching.
  • We are losing the art and beauty of mathematics by how we teach math in schools.
  • We challenge them and ask them to rise to the occasion.
  • We give them puzzles.
  • We get a flood of serotonin when we solve problems.
  • It’s not wrong to have the wrote, it’s wrong if that’s all you have.
  • If you don’t move beyond the basics, you won’t be able to apply it later.
  • If you take a problem-solving approach…
  • We need to carve out time for kids to be uncomfortable with a problem.
  • But how do we make time for that?
  • It limits the incentive for kids to take intellectual risks.
  • We can do this together. Education doesn’t just have to be teachers in a classroom alone.
  • There’s a dissatisfaction because there is still a lingering question about how I would have done that.
  • Rigorous activities early on!
  • ASTE Keynote
  • How to be a transformative principal? Carve out time and space for students to do some thinking without a goal in mind!