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Transformative Principal is 

May 18, 2014

William D. Parker is the principal of Skiatook High School. His web site and Twitter. He has also done some amazing interviews himself. I have learned a ton from reading those, and I am sure you will, as well.

Due to technical difficulties, we recorded our phone conversation, so the quality is a little old school. But, I almost felt like a radio DJ with a call-in show.

  • What he learned as the Assistant Principal to the Principal at his school, who recently retired.
  • Bonuses for students who take all the assessments they are required to.
  • What skills he had to learn as an educational leader, that he wasn’t taught in school.
  • Key Responsibilities Areas from Entreleadership tells people who is in charge of what area. Here is his blog post about KRAs.
  • Michael Hyatt leadership podcasts.
  • How he has dealt with student loss. They have tragically had 2 student deaths this year.
    1. Excellent and a lot of communication.
    2. Be visible.
    3. Maintain as much stability as possible.
    4. Open to creative and spontaneous.
    5. Show appreciation to the kids who are present.
    6. Tried to communicate well to media.
    7. Allow yourself to grieve.
  • How he knew what the right thing to do was. Be part of a good team. Trust your people.
  • How he has established collaborative culture of trust.
  • Hiring great instructors and compassionate people.
  • Treat teachers how you would want to be treated. Shotgun blast of directives is not effective.
  • Relationships matter.
  • His blog rocks!
  • Give him some more followers on Twitter, because he has great things to say. I have learned so much from Will.