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Transformative Principal is 

Sep 13, 2020

Marti Sievek is Assistant Principal of East High School. Tania Lyon is the talent
Talent Development Coordinator. Both are in Mankato Area Public Schools Mankato Area Public Schools.

  • District from a GT program to a more inclusive program.
  • Professional development coordinator interim director of teaching and learning.
  • Helping students have access to high quality instruction with no ceiling.
  • Increase complexity of work that is being done
  • Selecting resources that will help kids.
  • Different and complex instead of more
  • Start with what those needs are for your community.
  • Start with Why, come back to How.
  • The How can’t just be adding more to the teacher’s plate.
  • Teachers needed a deep understanding of their academic standards.
  • Taking away things from teachers - take away the idea of being a sage on the stage.
  • What becomes electrifying for kids is the ability to collaborate with their peers.
  • Beast Academy and Mentor Networks
  • Gifted and talented is push-in instead of pull out.
  • NWEA scores improved
  • Able to connect with her friends that way.
  • “Tickles your brain”
  • It’s not just access, it’s the approach as well.
  • It gives permission to not have a right or wrong answer.
  • Strengths-based approach.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Help teachers to have a mindset shift from sage on the stage to a relinquishment of control AND ask, ”If ti couldn’t look like that, what could it look like?”

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