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Transformative Principal is 

Aug 24, 2015

Mike Kelly - Principal Eyer Middle School. East Penn School District.
Mike on Twitter: @principalmkelly
Mike’s Blog

  • The importance of blogging and reflection, sharing learning.
  • Personal growth mindset post.
  • The end of marking periods.
  • Starting removal of marking periods in 6th grade!
  • Arbitrary dates to complete learning on certain topics.
  • Extended learning program greatly reduces academic failures.
  • Many additional clubs and activities are offered.
  • “Required” extended learning program.
  • Perception of ELP.
  • Time and support are the variables and learning is the constant.
  • How to prepare for big changes in schools.
  • Parent concerns about end of marking periods.
  • Start with small parent groups.
  • How to gain teacher support for the end of marking periods.
  • The case against 0
  • The power of 0
  • Retesting and redo
  • How to be a transformative principal? Surround yourself with transformative people.

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