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Sep 6, 2020

Derek Sivers is an entrepreneur who founded CDBaby, and is now writing and doing cool things in New Zealand. Check out his Now page for more information. This episode is about the importance of focus and how to not be distracted all the time.

  • Moved to Oxford for the schools.
  • He grew up outside and that really shaped him.
  • want him to be really focused on whatever he is interested in.
  • If you’re focused, you can do anything.
  • Now he continues to do it.
  • He’s thriving more than ever without school.
  • anki flashcard software
  • So distracted when doing something for school.
  • Mastery path to anything is great.
  • In wanting to be great at it, it caused me to focus.
  • To be driven is the best thing we can help someone to be.
  • No connection from school to my interests.
  • applicable
  • If you don’t have a problem to solve.
  • How to be transformative principal. Listen.

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