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Mar 23, 2014


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I had the great pleasure of speaking with Fidel Montero, the principal of Alta High School (Twitter) in Sandy, Utah. Fidel is inspiring from the first moment that you speak with him. He is incredibly smart, very caring, and wants students to be the most successful people they can be. Here is his TEDxCSDTeachers talk: Care

  • The Doctoral research that Fidel conducted for his degree in urban school management.
  • Parents pick up on who is being supportive, regardless of whether or not they spoke the native language of the parents.
  • The demographic shift that Utah is currently experiencing, and why he wanted to conduct his research in Utah.
  • Specific strategies for engaging and supporting Latino families in your school.
  • Microagression
  • The balance of talking about race when your race is either the same as your demographics or different.
  • How including multicultural families in your school and recognizing their heritage and history actually encourages them to feel more pride in your country.
  • His work with Greta Pruitt in Los Angeles Unified School District to teach parents to work together.
  • His thoughts on School Improvement versus CSIP plans.

Thanks for tuning in! Have a Good Life.