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Nov 7, 2021

Kelly Hellams is an elementary school principal at Summit Drive Elementary in Greenville, South Carolina.  She is leading her school on a new focus of Leadership and Entrepreneurial Design.  Kelly has been a teacher and administrator for 23 years and has explicit background in creating lessons and opportunities for elementary students in economic education.  She was a contributor of Focus, Economics lessons for Grades 3–5 and worked with other educators from Russia and Europe on hands-on activities related to fundamental economic concepts

  • Started talking about this focus 2–3 years ago.
  • Leader in me school - 7 habits of Franklin Covey
  • Design39 School Visit
  • Eric Chagala Interview
  • Joe Erpelding Interviews
  • VIDA School Visit
  • How Leader in ME works with Design Thinking
  • Resilience comes from within.
  • Listen Explain Act Deliver
  • Empathy is actively listening to your end user
  • non-linear design thinking process
  • Furman University training on Design Thinking
  • Start small.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Be passionate. Don’t lose your why!


InControl SEL for Middle School

In Control created an effortless social and emotional, character development video curriculum for your students that’s ZERO-TEACHER-PREP AND it’s so cool looking- it feels like a Youtube or Netflix Series- and that’s purposeful, they meet students right where they’re at.

The videos are 5–6 minutes, kids love them, teachers love them, and you will too. There’s no guesswork in the program because there’s a 21-video progression for each grade level.

They’ve thought of everything– because it’s a group of award winning counselors, teachers, and principals that came up with this thing. It’ll help you save tons of time and headaches.

Take it from me, it’s time to check that social-emotional learning box, the empty one that’s been keeping you up at night–and it’s time to do it in a meaningful, measurable, magnetic way.

If you go to you can check out some of the videos and even receive 20% off if you pre-order for next school year

John Catt

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