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Feb 4, 2018

Pedro Noguera is a sociologist by training and is a professor at UCLA. Center For The Transformation Of Schools.

  • Author of many books.
  • If ideas are too abstract and we can’t address the practical needs of kids then academia is in trouble.
  • Address both the academic and non-academic needs of kids.
  • Equality vs. Equity.
  • Equality is treating everyone the same.
  • It makes no sense in education because we know all kids are different.
  • Equity is about understanding differences. It is not about lowering the standards. Compensate for needs that kids that bring.
  • Adjust how we do homework to meet the needs of kids that are in front of us.
  • Don’t penalize kids because they don’t have the same circumstances as someone else.
  • Many kids are relational learners and they will learn better with people they trust and care about.
  • You start from the premise that we do best when we are in a community.
  • The conditions for learning
  • Community
  • More likely to punish kids with the greatest needs.
  • What sorts of things must we do to make edu equitable for kids.
  • Build a partnership with the family.
  • Partnership must be rooted in trust and respect in order for it to have success.
  • Teachers get almost no training on how to work with parents, especially when parents are from a different
  • We don’t want to judge anyone.
  • What we want is empathy. It is not pity, it is not looking down on anyone. We don’t make excuses for them.
  • When we act with empathy, we demonstrate that we care.
  • How do we build empathy?
  • “You know more about your child than I do. What can you tell me about your child that will help me teach him or her.”
  • It is important to let the parent know that we are aware of their child.
  • Parents want their child to be successful.
  • It should Never be the case that the only time we talk with parents is when children are in trouble.

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