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Transformative Principal is 

Jul 5, 2015

Kyle Palmer is the principal of Lewis and Clark Elementary School in Liberty, MO. Kyle was a presenter at the Model Schools Conference in Atlanta, GA. Here are the handouts from his session: Presentation and PDF

  • It’s about relationships, not programs.
  • Transformed school in last year.
  • Competition with others helps him be better.
  • Let’s not change the world, let’s just do our best.
  • Fostering belief in staff.
  • Growth mindset.
  • Katie Lawson, principal extraordinaire.
  • Need to know the “why” behind everything.
  • The Art and Science of Teaching
  • Angela Rosheim - Genius hour in the library, received grant of $8,000 of $10,000 of available resources, makerspace.
  • Focusing on being ready for the future.
  • Project Lead the Way - STEM Solution for schools.
  • Moving away from the sage on the stage mentality.
  • How to be a transformative principal: Looking into yourself first, before looking at others.

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