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Dec 30, 2020

Matthew Moyer Website is an elementary school principal with over 17 years of experience in administration, and over 23 years of experience in education. In addition to his job as principal, he is a Nationally Distinguished Principal, Pennsylvania Principal of the Year, Author,  National Speaker, Adjunct Professor, and staff developer with Thom Stecher and Associates.

  • The adventures of David and Donald: The Fractured flower pot
  • Building relationships during the pandemic
  • Relationships are at the cornerstone of what principals need to do.
  • Posting daily on social media to connect with families.
  • Popup principal.
  • Postcards are a great way to connect.
  • Impact program
  • Assume goodwill.
  • Finding good mentors, asking good questions.
  • Ask all the questions you can.
  • Top down and bottom up leadership. Including everyone in the conversation.
  • Involve people in the process.
  • You’ve got to talk tot he right people.
  • You have to believe that the collaboration matters.
  • You have to articulate your message in multiple ways and multiple means.
  • Can’t let perfect be the enemy of good.
  • Take the time you need to make a decision.
  • Kids always come first.
  • Don’t double down on a bad idea!
  • How to be a transformative principal? Get out of your office and be where the kids are.



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