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Transformative Principal is 

May 22, 2016

Livonia Michigan

Suburban district with 300 students, 16,000 in district
Pre-K–4th. 5 years, 21 years in 14 years as a principal

@jon_wennstrom teacher blog parent blog

  • PBIS rules are umbrella for 7 habits of highly effective kids.
  • Home grown project for 7 habits.
  • District is very invested in character education.
  • 8 character traits for entire district.
  • Fundamental belief that character education is vital.
  • Empowering students rather than engaging them - George Couros
  • Not another thing on the plate, it is the plate.
  • Building fundamental skills: collaboration, perseverance, grit, skills that will serve them in any location, any job, or any group of people they are with.
  • Parent says “my child came home and my family needs to be more proactive.”
  • Move beyond the vocabulary, but our words do count.
  • What about parents being more responsible of teaching values and school teaching content?
  • Public Service Announcements. Hearing is great, but seeing is even more powerful.
  • PSAs are emailed out and other teachers create videos and share internally.
  • Student-led announcements. Scripted for students.
  • Quote of the week.
  • What book they are currently reading.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Read and connect!
  • Most of my best ideas were not my ideas!

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