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Oct 17, 2021

Dr. Joseph Jones is the Superintendent in the New Castle County Vocational-Technical School District. A passion to provide all students an incredible and valuable learning experience Dr. Jones started teaching World and US History in 1996. A few short years later he found himself within the ranks of school administration hoping to make a difference on a larger scale.

Dr. T.J. Vari is the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools and District Operations in the Appoquinimink School District. Dr. Vari is an experienced school administrator and adjunct faculty with a demonstrated history of working in schools and in higher education. Skilled in K–12 education, online learning, literacy, classroom culture, curriculum & instruction, district operations, human resources, change management, and education reform.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Vari, along with Salome Thomas-El are co-authors of the new book: Retention for a Change: Motivate, Inspire, and Energize Your School Culture

  • Model for praise: motivate staff
  • Culture is the big thing, use retention for a change
  • Teachers aren’t always leaving the profession
  • Hiring is a year round job.
  • Good principals delegate management
  • Chief learning officer
  • Human resource director
  • What’s best for kids?
  • Do an inventory of how people want to grow
  • Do an inventory on how people need to grow.
  • There are only a couple ways to add distinction to yourself as a teacher.
  • Differentiated PD and differentiated instruction.
  • Proficient with an LMS.
  • Basics for PD and layered ways to develop other skills.
  • Onboarding vs. developing
  • How to be a transformative principal? TJ - Gotta get better at praise and lifting the system. Be ok with discomfort. Lift and praise your staff. Learn to be better at celebrating what is working.
  • Joe - Connect with those individuals that connect with kids every days.


InControl SEL for Middle School

In Control created an effortless social and emotional, character development video curriculum for your students that’s ZERO-TEACHER-PREP AND it’s so cool looking- it feels like a Youtube or Netflix Series- and that’s purposeful, they meet students right where they’re at.

The videos are 5–6 minutes, kids love them, teachers love them, and you will too. There’s no guesswork in the program because there’s a 21-video progression for each grade level.

They’ve thought of everything– because it’s a group of award winning counselors, teachers, and principals that came up with this thing. It’ll help you save tons of time and headaches.

Take it from me, it’s time to check that social-emotional learning box, the empty one that’s been keeping you up at night–and it’s time to do it in a meaningful, measurable, magnetic way.

If you go to you can check out some of the videos and even receive 20% off if you pre-order for next school year

John Catt

Today’s Transformative Principal sponsor, John Catt Educational, amplifies world-class voices on timeless topics, with a list of authors recognized globally for their fresh perspectives and proven strategies to drive success in modern schools and classrooms.

John Catt’s mission is to support high-quality teaching and learning by ensuring every educator has access to professional development materials that are research-based, practical, and focused on the key topics proven essential in today’s and tomorrow’s schools.

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