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Transformative Principal is 

Aug 9, 2015

Bob Dillon Twitter Web Site is the Director of Technology and Innovation for Afton School District. He has been a middle school principal for 15 years in three different places and currently helps many other principals improve their practices.

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  • 1st order change - simple, fixit types of problems, typically exciting that help people feel good about things, but don’t really move the needle in improving a school.
  • 2nd order change - moving from management to leadership. Changes that will last after you are gone. People start to feel like they are part of a special organization. Sometimes it is messy, people don’t know how things will play out.
  • Doug Timm Principal in Delaware.
  • Need to focus on what matters in the long term.
  • 1st order change - painting over water stain on a house you just bought.
  • 2nd order change - taking off the drywall and cleaning (or replacing) studs and insulation.
  • Playing the short and the long game.
  • Higher-level conversations
  • Difficulty of dealing with minor problems.
  • If you are working hard daily, people will be more likely to give you a break.
  • Build up key communicators in the building.
  • Trust your teachers to say things in a way that you know will be beneficial.
  • People need to hear the same in multiple ways.
  • How to help teachers be comfortable taking risks.
  • Need to scaffold to the higher level of risk-taking.

Part 2

  • Director of Innovation. My role is to keep the system lubricated.
  • Keep technology systems moving at a fast rate. Jump technology ahead.
  • Looking for other places that slow growth and inhibit innovation.
  • Empower the teachers that are moving forward and working hard.
  • Most of the rest of my career I will have jobs that don’t exist yet.
  • Important to change mental model of where and how kids learn.
  • Our teachers get better when they tell our story.
  • If it is not your strength to share, allow it to be the power of your students and allow them to share.
  • Give kids a voice.
  • Authentic audience raises the quality of work.
  • Book Ethic of Excellence
  • How are you contributing to Education beyond this school?
  • It is about being humble, and knowing you don’t have all the answers. If I want other people to help me, I need to help other people.
  • What prevents teachers from contributing?
  • Powerful connecting to other schools. Bettendorf High School and their partner school learning from each other. Doc Seacrist St. Joseph in Missouri(LINK)
  • Why Jimmy Casas continues to be a principal.
  • Leadership
  • K–1–2 Makerspace about the philosophy of allowing kids to grow creativity and problem solving.
  • Create, make, design for empowerment, engagement.
  • Helping kids become solution makers.
  • How you can be a transformative principal: Go read something that doesn’t have to do with education with your principal hat on. Lateral capacity building. Brendan Hufford
  • Entreleadership Podcast
  • Chris Locurto Show

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