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Transformative Principal is 

Jan 1, 2017

Dr. Stephen Sroka (Twitter grew up in poverty and is now an educator and keynote speaker. Be sure to check out his great YouTube page.

  • Drugs and alcohol exposure to kids.
  • Perceived risk of harm is minimized because of decriminalization.
  • Addiction rate doubles when kids use marijuana and alcohol in high school or before.
  • The reality is that you don’t know if it is a gateway drug.
  • Marijuana is not good for the adolescent brain.
  • If you get addicted to opiates in high school, you will likely relapse.
  • Focus on coping skills to help them deal with life.
  • Give kids options. What do you want to get high on?
  • Trauma-informed strategies for students.
  • Predictors of success: when every staff member learns every student’s name.
  • If you don’t have relationships, kids won’t trust you and kids won’t do what you ask.
  • What can we do to be a transformative Principal? Know kids by name. Honest, humor, hope. Look and Listen. Smile and Say Hi to everyone.

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