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Transformative Principal is 

Mar 5, 2023

  • How Eric Taught a student to write a better email.
  • Write better emails
  • How to prioritize problems.
  • Keeping a focus
  • What’s keeping you from focusing on your 1 thing in your school?
  • 1 thing: getting into classrooms.
  • Master schedule -
  • Is this even in the top ten list?
  • Got into his 1 thing within a month every year.
  • Priorities - getting prepared for state testing, getting prepared for next year’s scheduling, graduation, staffing for next year.
  • Are your priorities your todo list?
  • Big idea behind state testing
    • reflect the efforts of our kids
  • What makes or breaks a great school.
  • Why isn’t your past experiences translating to the current situation.
  • Graduation rate was 85%, wasn’t meeting our goals.
  • Goal of learning 1 thing each day.
  • I’ve learned something new every day.
  • What is the 1 thing that if you
  • What was most valuable? Reframing how I prioritize


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Being a principal is tough work. You’re pulled in all kinds of directions. You never have the time to do the work that really matters. Join me as I help school leaders find the time to do the work they became principals to do.

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