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May 12, 2019


Michael Reichert is an applied and research psychologist who has long been an advocate for children and families. From counseling youth involved in the juvenile justice system through experiences leading treatment teams in a psychiatric hospital, all the while managing an independent clinical practice, Dr. Reichert has tested his understanding of children with practical, even life-saving, challenges.

  • The stereotypes of women has changed significantly in the last 40 years.
  • There’s been very little to counteract stereotypes of men and boys.
  • Stereotypes shape boys’ lives early on.
  • We cannot say that women are limited because of biology, but we still say that about boys.
  • When Boys become “Boys” - Judy Chu
  • Started out as direct, authentic and able to articulate themselves. Traveled from presence to pretense by way of posturing.
  • Inauthentic and less willing to articulate their feelings.
  • Conditioning comes from everywhere: teachers, parents, peers.
  • A man box study - messages about being a man. Stoic, unemotional, strong, etc. Men more associated with man box stereotypes were more prone to negative behaviors, including suicidal ideation.
  • Schools play a profound role in organizing the messages about what Men are.
  • Every school is occupied by a hidden curriculum.
  • Most educators feel as though they can’t get their arms around it.
  • Boys have very little efficacy over the hidden curriculum. Policed by other boys. Often receive subtle and not-so-subtle redirection from adults and other boys.
  • Student-teacher relationship and significance
  • One-dimensional type of masculinity that is rewarded in school cultures.
  • 1500-member study of boys and 1000 of their teachers. Tell us a story about a relationship that went well and oe that didn’t go well.
  • So reassuring that the mask can be taken away when they do have a relationship.
  • Relationships are transformative in three ways: practically, psychologically, existentially.

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