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Jul 30, 2017

Schools are being forced to lie to their systems to get their information correct.

Adam Pisoni is a serial technology entrepreneur who is most notably known for being the co-founder and CTO of Yammer, the enterprise communications software that was bought by Microsoft for $1.2 billion in 2012. He is considered a pioneer of the Enterprise Social Network (ESN) concept and a visionary in organizational design and management. After a short stint at Microsoft, Pisoni spent a year researching education in America and realized that master scheduling is a game changer for the future of K12 education. See Pisoni’s byline Why I started Abl in Student Voices.

ABL Schools

  • Startups since 1995 and founded Yammer with David.
  • K-12 education wasn’t that positive.
  • Where you go to school matters.
  • How did he know that scheduling was a problem.
  • Progressive schools.
  • Instead of asking what’s possible in schools, what prevents traditional schools from iterating.
  • Teachers don’t have the power to make some changes.
  • Where is the greatest lever for change?
  • We find countless examples of district schools that are doing innovation.
  • Schools are being forced to lie to their systems to get their information correct.
  • Master scheduling.
  • Launching in July at Principal’s conference
  • Multiple steps that are disconnected.
  • Abl brings them all together. Conflicts and coteaching scenarios are all in the same dynamic system.

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