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Transformative Principal is 

Jun 26, 2016

Scott Beebe is the founder of My Business on Purpose where he teaches business leaders to be be successful. He also teaches families how to create a family vision mission and value at Create a Family Vision.

  • Standard Core Values - Respect, honesty, integrity, etc.
  • What are your unique core values? Top 10 words that describe you well. Three, four, or five key words.
  • You want people to ask you that question about what your core values means.
  • Run every decision through the filtration of core values.
  • Core values are the curbs on the side of the road to get to your destination.
  • Transference of knowledge,
  • Systems - Free the leader up to not be the technician anymore.
  • Hub for communication for all of the stuff you’re doing.
  • Weekly meeting.
  • How to find time?
  • Block off time to work on vision.
  • Bring somebody in to walk you through the process.
  • How to be a transformative Principal? 1. Block out time and ask what we will look like in 3–5 years. 2. Decide if you really want to do this, recognize that something will change.

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