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Oct 25, 2021

Laura Bechard is an experienced business, learning and change management professional with a unique background that combines finances and people. Getting the best out of your people, helping them develop their careers and unleashing their talent can be challenging for leaders. Learning plays a role; however the application of new skills, knowledge or beliefs into the workplace plays a much larger role.

ProVision Business Advisors works with leaders to help them launch, ramp up and transition throughout the business life cycle. With 25 years experience in higher education, as a learning strategist with global corporations, a former board member of the Institute for Performance & Learning (Canada) and a consultant to professional practices, ProVision’s programs help leaders and organizations generate a larger impact from the investment in employee and leadership development programs. Laura’s tenure in Alberta’s post secondary sector coupled with an M. Ed and MBA provide her with extensive experience in organizational development, instruction, facilitation, leadership and performance management.

As Peter Drucker comments, “The problem in my life and other people’s lives is not the absence of knowing what to do, but the absence of doing it.”

An award-winning MBA, Laura combines strong financial acumen as a Chartered Professional Accountant with the softer skills needed for leaders to lead, develop and manage people. Laura is passionate about leaders getting impact and results from the investment in their teams.She facilitates performance coaching workshops and speaks on this and many other leadership topics.

School divisions invest in the development of their staff - both teachers and support staff, yet principals and superintendents are often frustrated that there appears to be little, if any, application of the learning back in the workplace, the classroom or the school. What can principals do differently to change this situation?

  • Learning transference.
  • what is learning transference?
  • Goal of doing something with the learning.
  • An investment that we got no return on.
  • The problem with Safety Training - Compliance-based training.
  • Compulsory education in continuing education
  • Self-directed learning opportunities.
  • Having a conversation
  • Build a business case for why we should have a training.
  • Who are the stakeholders that will benefit.
  • Clear expectations
  • What obstacles will prevent the learning transference?
  • Talk about the time frame.
  • Learning and knowledge is only one small element.
  • Culture of accountability and responsibility.
  • Cost to turnover
  • Preparation - prepare them for learning experiences
  • What are the learning events themselves?
  • Intention and confidence are both important
  • Conversation after learning event to revisit expectations and obstacles.
  • How are we going to collect data?
  • How to be a transformative principal? Have a conversation.
  • Link to Laura's strategy guide on learning transference.


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