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Transformative Principal is 

Dec 15, 2019

Adam Bellow is a dedicated educational technologist and father of two young boys. Adam is the co-founder of Breakout EDU, the immersive gaming platform that enables teachers and students to turn their classrooms into a place of discovery and inquiry based learning. Today we will be talking about learning with AI.

  • How AI will play into education.
  • Metacognitive piece - technology is serving our needs.
  • Really helpful to a teacher.
  • Empowering kids to get access to their own information before you.
  • Building a voice profile.
  • The use of the tool will have to outweigh the fears we have of it.
  • You likely have an assistant available.
  • My kids are very comfortable with robots.
  • Game Designer
  • Askmyclass
  • Giving them the open-endedness is really powerful.
  • as we look at school as more than just work-produced.
  • How to be a transformative leader? Have a conversation with a small group of students