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Nancy Conrad is the founder of the Conrad Challenge, a global competition to help kids learn without limitations. How Listeners Can Learn More • Website: • Twitter: @ConradChallenge • Facebook: • Youtube Channel (Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge)

Entry Timeline for 2018-19 Challenge: • Team Registration Open Online: Friday, August 24 • Team Registration Closes Online: Friday, October 19 • Investor Pitch Submission Deadline: Friday, November 2 • Finals: April 24-27, 2019, Kennedy Space Center

• We are looking for advisors and student teams to participate in the 6 Challenge Categories: ◦ Special Category: Smoke Free World, sponsored by Foundation for a Smoke Free World ◦ Special Category: Transforming Education Through Technology, sponsored by SMART Technologies ◦ Aerospace & Aviation ◦ Cyber-Technology & Security ◦ Energy & Environment ◦ Health & Nutrition

  • No box thinking.
  • This is social impact meets education meets global impact.
  • Inspired by Google Design Sprint
  • We are in a testocracy.
  • Adapt our system to what we are doing in our knowledge-based economy.
  • No box toolbox
  • Teacher of the year award.
  • Problems are negative, but challenges can be solved.
  • Learning without limitations
  • The goal is not to take a product to market, but to learn how to learn.
  • Calculated risks that had a massive impact.
  • Most of our education looks down a straw…but our world is globalized.
  • Our students earn a GSD - Get Stuff Done.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Passion - have it and use it!

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