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Transformative Principal is 

Feb 2, 2015

  • There is a little audio issue at about 2:15 (and at the end) from my new microphone that I used for this. I couldn’t remove it without removing the whole piece. Please forgive me. ;)

Randy Barron Kennedy Center Teaching Artist. More info here

  • Kennedy Center teaching artists integrate arts into the curriculum. Much more focused on students creatively solving problems.
  • Arts integration is an approach to teaching where students create an art form to solve a problem.
  • Still want to have art taught as an art form,
  • Find ways to make kids guilty of learning.
  • Find ways to show movement with content areas.
  • Science and Poetry are areas that naturally relate to movement. Math is a little more difficult, so it may not connect with skills, but it does still connect with concepts.
  • Kids solve problems. Kids make water cycle through dance.
  • First drafts are not all that they do, it is just the beginning.
  • Integrating close reading of text and other strategies to make sure students understand content, as well as dance.
  • Playing with purpose.
  • Outside of comfort zone is in their learning zone.
  • Students use drawings, demonstrations, writing, and more to show what they are doing. Each child has their own record.
  • Randy started dancing at age 19.
  • Art integration is incredibly efficient.
  • Using verbal, physical, kinesthetic modalities.
  • Movement and dance gives them more of a reason to know something, makes it easy for kids to understand and remember.
  • Uncover the content versus cover the content.
  • Interleaving (or spiraling)
  • Tip for getting started: Find a Kennedy Center partnership to get started.
  • Principals: Make sure you let your teachers have a little breathing space.
  • Contact Randy here
  • Web site