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Transformative Principal is 

May 29, 2016

It's time to fill the Mastermind! I'm opening up some slots for the mastermind. Now's your chance to get in and experience what Terri has experienced. I can't wait for you to join! a href="">So, click here to set up a call!

Terri Walker is the Principal of Buckland School in Buckland Alaska. She is also a member of the transformative mastermind. Today, she shares her experience in the mastermind.

  • Felt stagnant after 25 years in education, thought about retiring.
  • Mastermind was breath of fresh air.
  • Goals help you focus on things that matter.
  • Ability to talk about what matters to us, and how we can work together to solve them.
  • It does take some out of my income but it is worth it.
  • This is something I need right now. I need the motivation and support of the mastermind.
  • I would encourage anyone old or new to seek [this mastermind] group and it would be beneficial.

If you’re thinking about joining the mastermind, click here to set up a call and let’s talk about getting you the support you need to be your best!