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Jayme Hull helps schools and churches make millennial friendly environments. She also mentors millennials so that they can be successful. Check out her free resource for principals at her web site.

  • They want to be connected and work somewhere they can make an impact.
  • They have heard their parents talk about how bored or angry they are at work.
  • Very few parents and grandparents were actually happy.
  • The fear of change is strong!
  • Millennials don’t even have the choices like they had in the past.
  • More than 50% cannot stay where they grew up to find work.
  • Completely consumed with staying up on the digital happenings are.
  • They have to be learning or they’ll lose their jobs.
  • You give and you receive. Build a relationship first.
  • Mentorships are really beneficial for millennials.
  • Care about the person first, not what you can get from them.
  • We’ve forgotten how to encourage our new teachers.
  • Make sure they have downtime
  • Their deepest heart’s desire is to have a desire.
  • The millennial are a gift to us. They are demanding that we get back to what we used to do.
  • We have forgotten how to teach what is essential.
  • Mentoring program - The older generation will be blessed. Don’t tack on any more paperwork or extra hours.
  • 2 kinds of mentors - someone on staff willing to pour into the next generation. Group of retired teachers. Never more than 30 minutes for 6–12 weeks.
  • Their words and encouragement.
  • Millennials are so tired of being on a checklist.
  • It’s not about the nail
  • How to be a transformative leader? Look three teachers in the eyes and tell them thanks!
  • Face to face mentoring podcast.
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