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Transformative Principal is 

Aug 28, 2022

Nadine Levitt Twitter is a Swiss-born German, Kiwi, US transplant, and founder of the music technology company, Wurrly, LLC. She began her career as a lawyer but after 6 years of practice, she began to pursue a career in music as a professional opera singer and songwriter. She has performed extensively all over the United States and the world, sharing the stage with David Foster, Andrea Boccelli, Kiri Te Kanawa, Roger Daltry, Christina Perri, and Steven Tyler to name a few. Passionate about music in schools she sits on the national board of Little Kids Rock, and in 2016 led the development of the music education platform WURRLYedu, which empowers student voices and makes it easy to bring a fun and effective music education to schools. Nadine is also an author of children’s books, including the My Mama Says book series, which teaches kids to identify, acknowledge and direct their emotions.

  • Mary Ellen Imodino-Yang TEDX Talk
  • Value
  • Care package.
  • Each month has a theme.
  • Work in groups to come up with strategies to come up in daily life.
  • Do things in 2–3 minutes or less.
  • How do you get up when you don’t know where the ground is?
  • The power of curiosity.
  • It’s not an end destination, it’s a journey.
  • Music to move you.
  • The power of music in SEL situations.
  • We shouldn’t teach music to be a musician.
  • Physiological - music is one of the only things that can really get into our brains.
  • Music can interrupt other emotional cycles.
  • People are more inclined to buy expensive items when the store is playing classical music.
  • How to rekindle their passion?
  • Time scarcity - brought on by an emotional response that you’re feeling overwhelm.
  • Interrupt overwhelm - do something different
  • Free to teachers, cost to districts.
  • The more you apply these skills the easier it is to avoid and manage overwhelm.
  • Emotions are just messages
  • We are engineered to see patterns. Thoughts are just patterns.
  • Often our thoughts are not based in patterns.
  • When you become aware you’re telling yourself a story, just tell yourself.
  • Respond rather than react.
  • Communication cards
  • Need to speak freely: challenged and rewarded.
  • When we share, we don’t feel shame.
  • The need for people to take responsibility for their part.
  • Leadership - formal and informal leadership opportunities.
  • Leadership is having control over the outcome.
  • Controlling your own identity.
  • SEL - Teach emotions in an isolated way
  • How you can use for deeper learning


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