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May 31, 2015

Today I am interviewing Assistant Principal, Entrepreneur, Father, and Hot Mess Brendan Hufford (Twitter).

Thea Bowman Leadership Academy - only successful school in Gary, Indiana. and Entrepreneurs and Coffee Podcast are a couple side gigs that Brendan has going on.
* Gary, Indiana is a struggling city, but full of amazing people.
* Showing trust to students
* Leading with trust - people want to give back trust when you give it to them.
* It’s not as easy to build relationships as an admin than it is to build relationships as a teacher.
* If you care about the students, they’ll do what you need them to do.
* When you get frustrated, your care is the first to go away.
* Kids aren’t afraid of things happening in the school that make them unsafe, they are likely afraid of things happening on the way to or from school that make them feel unsafe.
* Resting vs. sleeping.
* Getting up at 3 am helps him be his best.
* Need to teach entrepreneurism to help US compete globally.
* The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield
* College vs. Entrepreneurism.
* College Bubble is going to Burst - College is a great chance to mature, party, and have fun. If you want to go to college for an actual education, you are overpaying.
* Entrepreneurism is not for everybody.

Part 2

  • Working as a first grade teaching assistant.
  • There is no better gift you can give a human being than self-education.
  • Teaching kids how to be entrepreneurial could be almost as important teaching them to read.
  • Can’t do education just as a paycheck.
  • Pushback when innovating.
  • Using Twitter for real purposes.
  • Transparency at Buffer
  • If you want to learn something, spend 0 time focusing on your own industry.
  • Free tools at Brendan’s website.

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