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Claude Charron is a Teacher in Miami Florida and director of STEM program in Gulliver Florida.

  • Empowering students to make change
  • Sports has it right in being able to expose kids at a young age to become an athlete.
  • Things that will not work.
  • Keeping kids safe doesn’t inspire.
  • Kids have to choose something they are interested in.
  • Empathy is vital.
  • When students are inspired by seeing someone challenged by something, they have a purpose for working hard.
  • Designing something that matters is what inspires kids.
  • How designing something that matters inspires kids.
  • Getting kids to agree on something is an art.
  • How do you get kids to engage and go down the path where they want to design something that matters.
  • You do learn things through projects.
  • Design process since 1997!
  • What is the art?
  • We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. How do you go from an idea to a working prototype?
  • Google Sprint method. Book
  • Modules that would help teachers.
  • How to select a challenge.
  • Visualize everything on a board.
  • No Box Toolbox -
  • Collaborate with someone visually.
  • It’s our responsibility to engage kids
  • If kids aren’t engaged it’s a personal failure on me as the teacher
  • Shows that kids can each communicate in an effective way to give everyone a voice.
  • Haven’t reinvented the process. The difference is they are not working in silos.
  • Once you have the clarity within a team, you have the power to do what the team wants to do.
  • How to be a transformative principal?
  • Ask faculty, how can we work together in a way where we are going deeper with kids.

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