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Transformative Principal is 

Feb 11, 2018

Pedro Noguera is a sociologist by training and is a professor at UCLA. Center For The Transformation Of Schools.

  • Once we have trust and respect, we can start having hard conversations.
  • You can only have conversations like that that don’t come off as judgment if you have trust.
  • We should ask parents to do things for which they have adequate resources.
  • How do we find the kids that need the most help.
  • The challenge is getting to know each child.
  • None of this is easy.
  • Meets with each student every day.
  • When kids are known, they behave differently.
  • The sense of belonging is so essential to kids’ success.
  • Forging relationships through extra activities.
  • John’s Hopkins University Talent Development High School. Robert Belfants. Interest inventory to start kids.
  • Age and class determines where they go.
  • The model we have created does not allow us to meet the needs of children.
  • Any kid who came in with a criminal record in the high school would get a mentor.
  • First days of school community building days.
  • It’s part of building strong sense of community.
  • Human beings don’t do well in isolation.
  • Relationships save lives.
  • How to be a transformative Principal? To really focus in on the culture of their schools.
  • Culture is about values, norms, how people are treated every day.
  • Create a culture that affirms the importance of children.

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