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Transformative Principal is 

Oct 12, 2017

Justin Baeder, of the Principal Center

  • As instructional leaders there is no better way to lead than to be in classrooms.

  • It is tough to find time and make it into classrooms.

  • Being in classrooms that much sounds ridiculous and impossible.

  • Start small.

  • Just show up.

* #everyclassroom challenge, be in every classroom within a 5-day period.
* Build up the practice over a period of cycles.
* Just keep track of the order you visit people in, and visit them
* Systems to keep track of visits.
* Write the date you visit on their note card.
* Repertoire - app for keeping track of visits.
* The way we schedule to get into our classrooms is important.
* The way of doing it must fit your style.
* Buy the Book: Now We’re Talking

Special Interview about writing a book. Get the interview here
* How long it took.
* What to get clear on.
* How to determine what belongs in this book and doesn’t.
* How to sell your idea to the readers and publishers.