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Dec 6, 2022

In this episode, we are continuing our coaching conversations with Eric. Please check in our previous episodes 506 and 501

This week we check in on what Eric has going on, and talk about how to be a people leader instead of an instructional leader.

Checking back in on Eric:
- Canned responses going so well, I’ve shared it with teachers
- Email war: the war that you’ll never win!
- Didn’t talk with superintendent about exiting
- Staff moving past something

Being the Instructional Leader
- Are you an instructional leader or a people leader?

How to be a people leader?
- Focus on the individual.
- Check up on people informally.
- Morning lap
- Being visible to being impactful
- “I didn’t talk to them all week.”
- Feelings of guilt

Where can teachers learn to be better teachers?
- Colleagues
- Themselves
- Principal
- Technology
- Conferences

Teachers don’t really don’t need us to tell them how they can be better!

How does your day change as a people leader?
- Laps during prep
- Finding those who cruise under the radar
- What is a need that is unknown?
- Materials and resources for new teachers
- Find a way to buy the support they need.

How do you find out if they need something?
- Ask, What do you need?
- What else?
- What is your specific challenge?
- How can I help?
- What was most valuable today?

Focus on the individual, not the data.



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