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Transformative Principal is 

May 13, 2018

Matt Shea is the Matt portion of Personalized Learning with Matt and Courtney, a podcast about, well, personalized learning. It is one of my favorite new podcasts and you can find it at or in your favorite podcast player of choice!

  • Matt is a district administrator in Maine
  • Courtney is an instructional coach in Maine
  • Worked in Maine for his whole career
  • 10 schools in five communities
  • Goal: set up same systems in schools - it didn’t work
  • tenets of learning: applied learning
  • How do we design that culture so that there’s a balance between kids taking advantage of their own learning and teachers providing a range of options?
  • What teachers can provide in their place
  • What works for you?
  • District administrator as more of a support role
  • Talk about the tenets a lot.
  • “Cultivating hope in all learners”
  • Culture is a number 1 thing for all of us.
  • Designing a culture that involves the learners in their learning
  • Progression of learning
  • Social grade levels not academic grade levels
  • Place students on an academic progression where they are, and help them move forward.
  • Continuous flexible grouping - School building and schedules create a challenge for them.
  • Tried to do schedules in all the same way.
  • 15:16 We are the problem. We are the ones that have all the issues!
  • How do we get adults to be more like kids?
  • What’s our ultimate goal?
  • Guiding principles: They’ll find that information when they need it!
  • Interview with Seth Godin
  • You don’t really fail, you just are where you are.
  • It’s not just about the 80% of our kids that will do well no matter what, but about all the students
  • When she’s ready to take the next step, she’ll be ready for it.
  • End College Career Readiness
  • Many teachers have been teachers only.
  • The “real world“ is something different to everyone.
  • Provide kids with the skills and attitudes.
  • How to be a transformative leader? Design a culture in your building where it is ok to fail in a positive way. Failing upward. Failing forward. Take away some of the negative aspects of what school is.

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