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Oct 18, 2015

Jamie: Jamie enjoys seeing students complete learning independently. Jamie teaches 3rd grade at Greenwood Elementary School in Plymouth, Minnesota. She received her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education from University of Iowa. She completed her Masters in Education from Hamline University in Minnesota. 

Both Jamie and Ashley feel that learning should be meaningful and authentic for their students.

PICE Learning is a new and improved way of teaching comprehension skills for our 21st century learners. The PICE approach gives students ownership in their learning while using the common core standards. Students are able to connect with each other and independently learn in our 21st century. PICE Learning was developed by Ashley and Jamie, they wanted to connect students’ learning to skills that they will use everyday and in their future. 

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  • Gives Students an opportunity to be engaged learners.
  • Started as coteachers
  • Not 1:1 - 3:1 or 4:1
  • Engaging our students.
  • Kids were already eager learners
  • Model with the students how to learn together
  • Weekly Lessons - Project starts on a Monday, and they have all week to work on it.
  • Not about using an app, it is about learning.
  • Sequencing activities - visualizing.
  • How they are presenting their learning is up to them.
  • Students can listen to stories through the Moodle site.
  • Two students have jobs of being the Tweeters.
  • Kids are wanting to see themselves.
  • Twitter papers teach kids about character limits.
  • Twitter Mrs. Tewksbury
  • Twitter Mrs. Drill
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