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Apr 27, 2014



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I was super excited to interview Chris Wejr. He is one of those principals that I have been following for a long time and his take on discipline and behavior is inspiring.

  • Moving from a lower SES school to a higher SES school.
  • If kids are driven by rewards, then they are across all areas.
  • It is very easy to go too far with rewards, and focus only on providing rewards for kids to “get us through the day.”
  • The problem with determining how to properly implement PBIS.
  • The complexities of correcting a student’s behavior by giving them a reward when they behave correctly.
  • How important it is to have sense of belonging to help students avoid negative behaviors.
  • Strategies to help students who struggle with negative behavior overcome those struggles.
  • It sometimes takes 2 years to get kids to overcome their struggles.
  • How to buy yourself some time to make decisions and help get through the day to make sure you help kids who are struggling.
  • The bouncy ball trick that worked for me every time after I interviewed him.
  • The difference between a program and a system.

This is a great interview. Chris is amazing!