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Mar 27, 2022

Matthew Moyer is a Nationally Distinguished Principal, and Pennsylvania Principal of the Year.  He is an elementary school principal with over 17 years of experience in administration, and over 23 years of experience in education. In addition to his job as principal, he is an Author,  National Speaker, Adjunct Professor, and staff developer with Thom Stecher and Associates.

Matt started his career as a 5th-grade teacher in the Spring-Ford Area School District. He earned a Masters degree and Principal’s certificate. He then spent 3 years as an assistant principal at Schuylkill Valley Elementary School in Leesport, Pennsylvania. From there he moved to his current position as principal of Rupert Elementary School in the Pottstown School District. He is in his 16th year as principal of Rupert, and absolutely loves it. He recently completed his course work for his letter of eligibility to be a superintendent.  For the last ten years he has been the district’s safety coordinator and certified CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention trainer. He has served numerous roles and on a variety of committees during his time in the Pottstown School District.

  • Hearing the stories of other distinguished principals.
  • Book Series podcast
  • The adventures of David and Donald: Basketball Bewilderment.
  • Each book focuses on social emotional skills.
  • Being assertive without being aggressive.
  • Teacher at his building is illustrator.
  • What did you win the award for? Relationships
  • Be a servant to build relationships.
  • Give help and step up when needed.
  • Understanding different cultures - generational poverty
  • Respect other’s opinions and culture, even if we don’t understand it.
  • Hire the right people who are opening
  • How to be a transformative principal? Get into the classroom and be there every day!


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